As an employer, your primary concern should be keeping your employees and business safe. At Christmastime this should be no different, and even though you might be winding down for the holidays, it’s important you stay aware of fire risks in your business.

There are a range of dangers you should look out for around the Christmas season. Make sure not to overload electrical sockets if you’re planning to plug in some festive lighting for the office – and don’t forget to unplug any lights before you go home. As well as this, remember to continue to test your fire alarm regularly.

If anything goes wrong with your business’s Christmas decorations, you’ll need the correct fire safety equipment to deal with it, such as a Fire extinguisher, one of the best ways of dealing with fires in the workplace.

Finally, make sure everyone in your business knows what to do in the case of a fire – what steps to take when the fire alarm sounds, which exits to leave by and where to congregate.

To keep your business safe, you’ll need to carry out a fire risk assessment, put in place, and maintain, appropriate fire safety measures and provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training. Ream Fire & Security can provide your business with all of these services, and more.

Get a free, no obligations quote from Realm and ensure your business is kept safe from fires this Christmas season.

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